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Friday, August 22, 2014
Making a Difference Through Christ
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As associational missionary, I personally want to welcome you to the website of the Piedmont-Okefenokee Baptist Association. This association is composed of 65 Southern Baptist churches and 2 missions that are located in six counties of Southeast Georgia. These counties are Bacon, Brantley, Camden, Charlton, Pierce, and Ware.
As an association of churches we are bound together by our love for Christ and a deep desire to see His Gospel of Good News spread to the ends of the earth. We have adopted the 2000 edition of The Baptist Faith and Message as a unifying statement of our common beliefs. We have been led though prayer and a seeking of God’s direction to develop both a vision and mission statement to further give us clarity of direction and purpose.   There are five basic teams, along with a number of sub-teams, that carry out the work of the association in this setting. They are as follows:  
Prayer Team
Missions Team
Evangelism Team
Discipleship/Ministry Team
Administrative Team  
We have three full-time staff who oversee the work of the association
           Associational Missionary:  Don Patterson
          Missions Strategist:  Greg Benfield            
          Ministry Assistant:  Sarah Rozier  
As a staff, we are deeply committed to the reality that “the churches of the association do not exist for the association but that the association exists for the churches.”  We are committed to doing whatever it takes biblically to keep in touch with the churches and to provide the tools they need to be effective in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ both in their environment at home and abroad.
Presently, we have mission teams from the churches of the association who have participated in missions in these countries:
     Brazil    Chile          Ecuador        Haiti
     India     Mexico       Nicaragua     Nigeria
     Peru      South Africa                    Turkey  
The association established a partnership with Ecuador in 2009, particularly the Imbabura Province, to help the missionaries and pastors there begin Bible studies that will multiply and impact the lostness of the area. Only 2% of the population in this province are Christians.  
The association has partnered with these areas of the U.S. :
Conemaugh Valley Baptist Association in Duncansville, PA.
Upper Ohio Valley Baptist Association in Wheeling, WV
Lake Shores Baptist in Bay St. Louis, MS - involved in extensive work following hurricane Katrina      
Builders for Christ Piedmont-Okefenokee Chapter has done extensive work all over the U.S. 
Many of our people partner with them annually to do construction work where ever they are needed.
Cross Community Church in Akron, OH.
Cherry Grove Baptist Church in Cherry Grove, WV.  
I am praying you will be blessed and resourced by using this webpage,
Don Patterson